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1. Moonlight. star and moon ring. made of 925 silver as a whole (the middle is connected with moonstone and rhinestones)
2. Handmade products. high quality materials

Product material: 925 silver
Treatment process: sterling silver inlaid with gems

Ring size: the opening can be adjusted
Modeling: Xingyue

Moonstone has always been regarded as a gift given to mankind by the Moon God. as if it had mysterious and irresistible power. According to legend. when the moon is full. you can meet a good lover by wearing a moonstone. Therefore. the Moonstone is called the "Lover Stone". a symbol of friendship and love. and the best gift for the beloved. In the United States. Indians regard moonstone as a "sacred stone". a commemorative gem for the thirteenth anniversary of their marriage. For girls. long-term wearing of moonstone can improve the temperament from the inside to the outside. making the manner elegant and calm. At the same time. the moonstone is also the birthstone in June. symbolizing health. wealth and longevity.

Moonstone aka Moonstone
1. Avoid collision. the hardness is only 6.5. it is fragile when colliding with other objects
2. Avoid high temperature. Long-term storage in a high temperature environment will affect the luster of the moonstone. 3. Avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis. which will cause corrosion marks on the surface of the moonstone. which will affect the appearance of the moonstone.
4. Wear left and right hands
If we want to improve the physical aspect. then we can wear the moonstone on the right hand; if we want to improve our emotional fortune. then we can wear the moonstone on the left hand.

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